Your Dog Will Love Coming to Long Term Dog Boarding in Sydney

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As pet owners, we love to spend as much time with our furry friends as possible. But sometimes, we must undergo a long absence. Maybe we go away on holiday to get a much-needed vacation from work. Maybe we are visiting family for a special occasion, like graduation or an anniversary. Maybe we are in the process of doing extensive home renovations or treating a problem like bedbugs. Whatever the reason, your four-legged friend can’t be left alone in the house.

Long term dog boarding in Sydney allows you to temporarily relocate your dog to somewhere better suited to taking care of him for the time being. This experience can be stressful for your dog unless you find long term dog care in Sydney that showers her with love as much as you do. With these types of long term dog sitters in Sydney, your dog may actually look forward to going!

Long Term Dog Boarding in Sydney Catered to Your Dog’s Needs

Every dog is different. Each dog has their own personality, size, exercise needs, and dietary needs. At Solar Lodge Boarding, we believe it is important to adapt to each dog’s situation. Our kennels consist of seven blocks where dogs are placed based on their size. Larger dogs need more room of course, so they get larger kennels.

If you have multiple dogs, sometimes they enjoy staying together. It is similar to a group of brothers and sisters going away on vacation together. Our long term dog care in Sydney allows you the option of choosing family kennels for your pets so your dogs can all stay together. We find this can help some dogs feel more relaxed and secure since they can spend all day together.

When it comes to diet, some dogs have unique needs. Our default menu is a delicious home cooked chicken and rice or a tasty raw chicken mince mixed with high quality kibble. No boring dry dog food here! While most dogs love this meal, we know that some dogs are a bit pickier. We are happy to cater to fussy eaters. Some dogs also need a special diet due to issues like a sensitive stomach or allergies. We will comply with any dietary needs, and will not charge you extra for special food. If your dog needs medication during a meal, just let us know. We will make sure she gets it.

Long Term Dog Sitter in Sydney Pampers Your Dog

It is an understatement to say our long term dog sitters in Sydney love dogs. We are obsessed with them! We have operated Solar Lodge as a long term dog care facility in Sydney for over 35 years. Gabor and Megan run the place, who have a combined 80 years’ experience in dog care. They know how to make dogs happy and work hard to ensure every dog enjoys their stay as much as possible.

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