Cat Boarding in Western Sydney Full of Fun

We are conveniently located in Berkshire Park, NSW.

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Address: 10 Fifth Rd, Berkshire Park NSW 2765

You love your cat and enjoy spending the day with him or her. She watches you as you cook dinner. He sits on your lap purring as you watch television. Your cat is a part of your day, your life, and your family. But sometimes for various reasons, you need your cat to be somewhere else for a while. It is hard to travel with a cat, so if you go on holiday, you will need to coordinate pet care.

If you are going away on a long trip, it can be hard to find a family member or a friend willing to come by every day to check up on your cat and perform various duties like filling the cat feeder or emptying the cat box. Plus, you do not want your poor baby alone for almost the full day for a very long time. Fortunately, there is a better solution! Bring your cat to a cat hotel in Western Sydney for a much better experience.

Playtime Takes Centre Stage at Our Cattery in Western Sydney

If you wanted your cat to sit in a cage or room all day while you are gone, you would just leave her at home. Since you brought her to a cat hotel in Western Sydney, you are wanting more for her experience than just being cooped up all day.

At Solar Lodge Boarding, we want your cat to have a good experience at our cattery in Western Sydney. Our cattery is made up of two blocks, which includes large play areas for cats. Your baby can enjoy time running around, leaping around, climbing about, pouncing on top of toys, and all other types of activities cats enjoy. We believe it is important for cats to get stimulation and fun every day.

Cat Boarding in Western Sydney That Takes Care of Your Furry Friend

With our cattery in Western Sydney, play time is just the start. We work to meet all your cat’s needs, starting with sleep.

If you are boarding more than one cat, you enjoy the option of letting them room together. Sometimes cats from the same family prefer to spend time together rather than be alone. Our cat hotel in Western Sydney allows you to house up to four cats in the same room.

The next important part of cat boarding in Western Sydney is providing quality food. We do not like feeding pets generic and boring food. Instead, our menu consists of two delectable meals. First, there is a home cooked chicken and rice dish. Second, there is a raw chicken mince mixed with high quality kibble. We know that cats are pretty picky, so we are happy to accommodate finicky eaters. If your cat has special dietary needs or needs medicine put into their food, let us know! We are glad to cater to any special needs for no extra cost. At Solar Lodge Boarding, your cat is our priority.


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