Long Term Cat Boarding in Sydney to Please the Pickiest Cat

We are conveniently located in Berkshire Park, NSW.

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Address: 10 Fifth Rd, Berkshire Park NSW 2765

Cats are many things. They are fiercely independent. They are expert hunters and stalkers. They are darling little fluff balls. They are loud purring machines, and they are finicky. Unlike dogs, cats will not bend over backwards to please you. In fact, it is usually the opposite. Cats are hard to please and assert their own agenda and opinions without hesitation.

It’s one of the many reasons we love them. Cats are their own beings, happy to run the world as they please. But this personality tendency can make it hard to find a long term cat care in Sydney that meets your cat’s high standards. They are not easily pleased, and they tend to not like a disturbance to their routine. With Solar Lodge Boarding, you get a long term cat sitter in Sydney that knows how to please the finickiest of cats.

Long Term Cat Care in Sydney Full of Luxuries

Cats enjoy the finer things in life, whether it is lounging about on the floor underneath the perfect sunbeam or eating a delicacy of canned gourmet cat food. At Solar Lodge Boarding, we work to provide long term cat care in Sydney that caters to this finery.

This elegance begins with food. Cats can be the pickiest eaters, which is why we developed a menu for our long term cat boarding in Sydney fit for royalty. Our menu comprises of two traditional dishes. The first is a mouth-watering home cooked chicken and rice dish. The second is a savoury raw chicken mince mixed with quality kibble. If for some reason your cat does not enjoy this meal, we will be sure to cater to their fussy eating. We want your cat to go to sleep with a full stomach every night. If your cat has special dietary restrictions or medical needs (like pills to be placed in their food), just let us know. We are happy to cater to these requirements (with no extra cost of course!)

Long Term Cat Care in Sydney Seeking Your Cat’s Comfort

We believe it is important to provide long term cat care in Sydney that makes your cat comfortable. After all, she will be there for a significant amount of time. Out cattery is made up of two blocks. Our long term cat boarding in Sydney allows you the option to house up to four cats from the same family in one room. We find that some cats prefer to stay together since it helps the experience feel a bit more like home.

Of course, a long term cat sitter in Sydney needs to provide more than food and sleep. They need to provide playtime! Our place offers play areas for cats to have fun, run around, attack “prey”, climb, and have themselves a fun time. Our long term cat sitters in Sydney are passionate about animals. We have operated for over 35 years and loved every second of it.

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